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Fish for Bait

Crabs and lobsters can be picky, fisherman even more so! Colour, toughness and the right smell are often high on our clients’ wish list. We offer a wide range of heads, bones, and by-catch.

Fish for Food

Waste no more! What about roe for pâté, mince for burgers, racks for soup, bellies as street food… We know the way. Treat offcuts as food and the possibilities are endless!

Fish for Pharmacy

This is next level sourcing. Arsenic, moisture content, catching subzones and well managed quality documentation can be important to our clients. We know what to keep an eye on.

Fish for Pets

Cats and dogs can be like babies to many of us and fish is indispensable in their diet. We provide high quality raw materials for pet food with the right nutritional values for the right price.

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